Who we are?

We are a nonprofit and charitable association, have been founded by Mr. Fethi GHARBI (as known as Nicolas GHARBI) and have been based in Tunisia. In fact, having been lived for 48 years in Sweden and deeply fascinated and strongly impressed by the wonderful sweeden culture at governing charitable organizations, Mr. Fethi GHARBI has taken the initiative to found Peace and Love association in Tunisia since March 2019. Indeed, native of Sousse, he has decided to establish the Association’s headquarter in Sousse.

Nowadays, we have several agencies in Tunisia (Tunis, Ben Arous, Nabeul, Monastir, Mehdia) and in the world (Mouritanie, Maroc, Egypt, Suisse, USA, Venezuela).

We are planning a lot of social and cultural activities in order to create an integrated and peaceful society and promote social stability and cohesion nationalwide and wotldwide.

We aim to improve People’s quality of life, making them feel better and helping them to make their dreams come true as to be healthy, wealthy and happy.

Ensuring Health, Wealth and Happiness for all Tunisian people especially for minorities such as men in special needs, women and children and all the human being are our essential focus.

As People are People wherever they are and as Peace and Security are a global struggle, concern and issue, we are cooperating and signing protocols with several international organizations and associations working for the same issues worldwide.